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Crashes in docking panes.

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Topic: Crashes in docking panes.
Posted By: rdhd
Subject: Crashes in docking panes.
Date Posted: 11 January 2022 at 1:53pm
Has anyone else seen crashes during CXTPDockingPaneTabbedContainer::OnPaint calls? We have been crashing, usually in CXTPDockingPane::GetOptions (called from IsTitleVisible) on various customer machines.

These crashes seem very random and lately we have even seen them for customers using older versions of our product. We are currently on V20 of CJ. Now we even see the same crash stack on 18.2.

I have looked at videos from a customer and I can see that we are loading a layout but either the docking pane container fails to update leaving old panes displayed, or we can even see two sets of panes loaded with the new set of panes "under" the older set of panes.

We are MDI and have separate layouts and panes for various document types and when the user clicks an MDI tab, we load the layout for that document type (if its type is different than the currently active document).

I can see what triggers the crash. When the layout fails to update/recalculate, if the user moves over the tab in the container of panes for a tab that should have been destroyed and clicks it, we crash. Causing a tooltip show event also can generate a crash as the tip tries to get the title too. The eventual crash occurs as the Pane class tries to get to the DP manager. It looks like the Pane has been destroyed and hence the connection to the pane manager is invalid but the container pane remains and the pane is still in the pane list. The "bad display" is random making this hard to track down.

Users have found that when the display of the pane layout is bad, they can hide and show the desktop (Windows+D key). The frame redisplays and the "bad" panes go away. Everything is fine from then on until it happens again.

This has been impossible to duplicate here so I have resorted to more and more logging and it is starting to appear that the frame RecalcLayout may not be working properly. When we transition documents, we build a ribbon for the document, load the pane layout for it and then recalc the layout. The ribbon is fine and functional. The only clue there can be a crash waiting to occur is that the panes for the previous document type are still displayed, some of them are displayed, or two containers appear to be stacked on each other (user can have the container widths different in each document type).

Anyone at all experience a crash in the Pane paint call sequence?

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