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3D Charts in v19.1

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Printed Date: 27 September 2020 at 9:41pm

Topic: 3D Charts in v19.1
Posted By: KayEll
Subject: 3D Charts in v19.1
Date Posted: 25 December 2019 at 10:22pm
Hi, I noticed there's a new version. I've been too busy developing to notice.

My question is, does the ActiveX version have 3D charts like it used to have years ago, until it was removed. It's confusing that I see 3D when going to the CodeJock homepage, but only see mention of 2D if I go to the Chart page for ActiveX.


Posted By: astoyan
Date Posted: 29 December 2019 at 7:27pm
What you see on the home page is true, 3D chart support is back in Codejock Chart, and it's now more advanced and customizeable, it's just the detailed feature list has not been updated yet. Check out the Chart Browser live sample -" rel="nofollow - , though it's a C++ sample all features are equally supported in ActiveX. Currently it supports only Pie, Doughnut, Torus and Pyramid 3D chart types, more will be added.

Posted By: KayEll
Date Posted: 03 January 2020 at 10:25pm
Ok, then it looks like I might be buying the suite again. I do own an old license and I stopped renewing because that feature had been taken out. I take it there are no VB6/Classic VB example projects for it right? I'd need to translate C++ code some how?

Posted By: astoyan
Date Posted: 05 January 2020 at 6:56pm
3D charts are equally demonstrated in all Chart C++, C#, VB.NET and VB6 samples. You don't need to port it from C++.

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