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Exception when deleting appointments in weekview

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Topic: Exception when deleting appointments in weekview
Posted By: Alex H.
Subject: Exception when deleting appointments in weekview
Date Posted: 29 March 2017 at 9:05am

It happens in weekview when deleting by keyboard using command (DEL) from various days (ony by one).

XTP 17.3 (MFC) with VS2015

Posted By: olebed
Date Posted: 29 March 2017 at 1:05pm
Hello Alex,

I can't reproduce this.
Can you reproduce this in our CalendarDemo sample ?
Add GIF of reproducing, screenshot of used options (Options dialog).

 Oleksandr Lebed

Posted By: Alex H.
Date Posted: 30 March 2017 at 3:18am
Hello Oleksandr,
I can't reproduce it with the Calendar Demo.
We use a cutom data provider in our sample. But the problem seems to be on a higher level.
Can you give use some information how that can happen?

Here is how we add Events:

void CUICJCalendarView::OnRetrieveDayEvents(XTP_NOTIFY_CODE /*Event*/WPARAM wParam , LPARAM lParam)
	CXTPCalendarEventsPtr* pEvents = (CXTPCalendarEventsPtr*) lParam// [in/out] A pointer to pointer to events array
	COleDateTime dtStart = (DATE)oDate;
	XTRACE(+1, _T("CUICJCalendarView::OnRetrieveDayEvents( für %s )"), (LPCTSTR) dtStart.Format((UINT)IDS_DATEFMT_DDMMYYYYA));
	int nDayCount = GetCalendarCtrl().GetActiveView()->GetViewDayCount();
	COleDateTime dtCurrentViewStart = GetCalendarCtrl().GetActiveView()->GetViewDayDate(0);
	XTRACE(0, _T(" nDayCount = %d  and first date  (%s) "), nDayCount, (LPCTSTR) dtCurrentViewStart.Format((UINT)IDS_DATEFMT_DDMMYYYYA));
	if(*pEvents == NULL)
		*pEvents = new CXTPCalendarEvents();
		ASSERT((*pEvents)->GetCount() == 0);
	CWaitCursor oWait;	
	// fill events to my own cache (not the calendar cache)
	if(dtStart == dtCurrentViewStart && nDayCount > 1)
		AssignEventsToTmpCache(dtCurrentViewStart, nDayCount);
	CXTPCalendarEvents* pEventsOfDayFromCache = NULL;	
	int					nDBIDate = CMfxDateTime(dtStart).GetDBIDate();
	if(m_oMapTmpEvents.Lookup(nDBIDate, pEventsOfDayFromCache))
		XTRACE(0, _T("OnRetrieveDayEvents Count = %d"), pEventsOfDayFromCache->GetCount());		
		// get value from my cache
		XTRACE(0, _T("OnRetrieveDayEvents Count = %d"), (*pEvents)->GetCount());
		// get the events by query
		AssignEvents((*pEvents), dtStart);
	XTRACE(-1, _T("<<CUICJCalendarView::OnRetrieveDayEvents"));

//--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOL CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents(CXTPCalendarEventspEventsconst COleDateTime dtDate) //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { XTRACE(+1, _T("CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents(...,%s)"), (LPCTSTRCMfxDateTime(dtDate).Format((UINT)IDS_DATEFMT_DDMMYYYYA)); ASSERT(pEvents); ASSERT(m_poBLTMManager && m_pUITMFrame); ASSERT(m_poBLTMManager->GetOptions()); long                nDBIDate = CMfxDateTime(dtDate).GetDBIDate();        int                 nCount = 1;      CBLTMAppointData    oDlgData;    XTRACE(0, _T("CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents Series -------")); for(int i = 0; i < nCount; ++i) { XTRACE(0, _T("GetDateEntryCount = %d"), m_pUITMFrame->GetDateEntryCount(nDBIDate + i)); for(POSITION Pos = m_pUITMFrame->GetFirstDatePosition(nDBIDate + i) ; Pos != NULL; ) { if(m_pUITMFrame->GetNextDate(Pos, nDBIDate + i, oDlgData, CBLTMManager::TM_DATADETAIL_RECPAT | CBLTMManager::TM_DATADETAIL_ATTENDEES)) { CXTPCalendarEvent* ptrEvent = new CXTPCalendarEvent(GetCalendarCtrl().GetDataProvider()); AssignEvent(ptrEvent, oDlgData, dtDate); pEvents->Add(ptrEvent); ptrEvent->InternalRelease(); } } } XTRACE(0, _T("CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents single day appontments -------")); // Single Day Appointments CXDAVariantList oLstID; CDADateTime oFromSpan(UIMfx2DADateTime(CMfxDateTime(nDBIDate, 0))); CDADateTime oToSpan(UIMfx2DADateTime(CMfxDateTime((long)(nDBIDate+nCount-1), (long)MAX_TM_MINUTES))); if(m_poBLTMManager->GetListSingleDayAppointments(oLstID, oFromSpan, oToSpan)) { for(CXDAVariantList::const_iterator iterApp = oLstID.begin() ; iterApp != oLstID.end() ; ++iterApp) { CBLTMAppointData oTmpData; if(m_poBLTMManager->ReadAppointment(*iterApp, oTmpData, CBLTMManager::TM_DATADETAIL_RECPAT | CBLTMManager::TM_DATADETAIL_ATTENDEES)) { CXTPCalendarEvent* ptrEvent = new CXTPCalendarEvent(GetCalendarCtrl().GetDataProvider()); AssignEvent(ptrEvent, oTmpData, dtDate); pEvents->Add(ptrEvent); ptrEvent->InternalRelease(); } } } XTRACE(0, _T("CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents Count = %d"), pEvents->GetCount()); XTRACE(-1, _T("<<CUICJCalendarView::AssignEvents")); return TRUE; } Thank you!

Posted By: olebed
Date Posted: 30 March 2017 at 3:26am
As I can see from  your callstack that CXTPCalendarViewGroup::m_pViewDay was initialized with wrong value 0xdddddddd.

It is initialized only in constructor
CXTPCalendarViewGroup::CXTPCalendarViewGroup(CXTPCalendarViewDay* pViewDay)
    m_pViewDay = pViewDay;

So you can set breakpoint here with condition  "pViewDay == 0xdddddddd"  and see what do such initialization.

Posted By: Alex H.
Date Posted: 30 March 2017 at 10:56am
Thank you!

Unfortunately it soes not hit that breakpoint.
What if the pointer is deleted after it was assigned (missing AddRef and Release) ?

This is the Watch of m_pViewGroup. Is looks valid except m_pResources and m_pViewDay.

Posted By: olebed
Date Posted: 31 March 2017 at 10:43am
no, m_pViewGroup poiner also invalid.

may be problem in CXTPCalendarViewEventT::GetViewGroup_()   (called from CXTPCalendarViewEvent::IsSelected() )

So check pointer  pViewEvent->m_pViewGroup  in CXTPCalendarView::OnKeyDown() in line 968

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