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CXTPFrameWnd::OnCreate fails

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Topic: CXTPFrameWnd::OnCreate fails
Posted By: BastianPL
Subject: CXTPFrameWnd::OnCreate fails
Date Posted: 04 December 2011 at 5:39am
Hope anyone can help me.

I've just installed VS2010 on my machine and reinstalled XTP.
Project builds fine, but once started I've got an assertion in CXTPFrameWnd::OnCreate.
which stops at:

 AFX_ISOLATIONAWARE_STATICLINK_FUNC(HWND ,CreateWindowExA,(DWORD dwExStyle,LPCSTR lpClassName,LPCSTR lpWindowName,DWORD dwStyle,int X,int Y,int nWidth,int nHeight,HWND hWndParent,HMENU hMenu,HINSTANCE hInstance,LPVOID lpParam),(dwExStyle,lpClassName,lpWindowName,dwStyle,X,Y,nWidth,nHeight,hWndParent,hMenu,hInstance,lpParam),NULL)

I've checked differencies with sample XTP projects in MainFrame, Application cpp, and stdafx and cant find any reason why this may fail?


Posted By: Didi
Date Posted: 18 June 2014 at 9:46am

I know, this thread is very old. Wink
But knows anybody a good solution for this problem? I get it sporadically and I don’t know why. Only at about every tenth start the program crashes with
Bastian's error.




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