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Creating Highly Customized Syntax Highlighting

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Printed Date: 23 March 2019 at 11:24pm

Topic: Creating Highly Customized Syntax Highlighting
Posted By: jhunt
Subject: Creating Highly Customized Syntax Highlighting
Date Posted: 08 November 2011 at 8:24am

I have a rather unusual langauge that I would like to have syntax highlighted, and I've tried to find some detailed documentation to determine if the SyntaxExit control could handle it correctly. I can't seem to find any documentation at all about the schclass format however, there seems to be none in the help file.

Is there any documentation for it?
Here's a sample of the language. Its a fall-through langauge, so things not in brackets are transmitted to a connected device. Most of the need for syntax highlighing is around detecting errors with parenthesis and brackets. Any thoughts?
<Pragma Order>1<EndPragma>
<Pragma Name><Static @R "Display - Click to Update"><@R><EndPragma>
<Pragma Icon><Static @I ""><@I><EndPragma>
<PollEnabled OFF>
<Static @I "">
<Static @R "">
! U1 GETVAR "display.image"<CR><LF>
<Set @I (Collect 1000)>
<Set @I (Mid @I 2)>
! U1 GETVAR "device.unique_id"<CR><LF>
<Set @R (Collect 1000)>
<Set @R (Mid @R 2)>
<Set @R (Mid @R 1 (Sub (Len @R) 1))>
<Set @R (SAdd "Display - " @R " - " (Date) " " (Time))>
<PollEnabled ON>

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